The Hysterical Society tells the story of how some small town 'mainline' women try to preserve the architecture and culture of their sleepy little town.  When a hometown girl, now a successful Washington D. C. attorney, comes home and wants to join the Historic Preservation Society, mayhem ensues.

2045 Tells the story of the Second American Revolution, led by an innocous history professor named Cable Broxton. 

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The Buffalo Hunter Trilogy is a story about a young man who has drifted through life until he found work as a bounty hunter.  Buffalo's Gamble details his adventures when he stumbles upon a human trafficking ring.  Buffalo's Raise continues the Buffalo Hunter Saga.  Buffalo's Win chronicles the exciting conclusion.

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The Crazy Trilogy, Born Again Crazy, High Maintenance Crazy, and Natural Born Crazy all tell the story of the  adventures of the James family.  Charlotte Rae is the narcissistic stoner mother who only cares about herself and her fairies.  Her sons, Traveler and Ticonderoga James (Trav and Ty) try to go about their lives and maintain a semblance of sanity in their relationship with their crazy mother.​

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The Brian Edwards Trilogy, Low Country Boil, Name Your Poison, and Drown Your Sorrows details the adventures of a retired social worker who accepts a commission to free-lance a missing person's investigation for Georgia's governor.  

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The Alabama Cowboy tells the story of Cash Roberts, a former professional rodeo cowboy who now raises horses and cattle in Alabama.  In dealing with the sudden death of his wife, he takes a trip to Montana to collect his thoughts and plan for his future.

Montana Skies is the second chapter in the story of Cash Roberts, the Alabama cowboy.  It tells the story of Cash's continued adventures in Montana.  A riveting story indeed. 

He Rode West tells the story of John Mercer, who, after being released from a Union POW camp in Chicago, makes his way west to seek his fortune.  This book is fiction drawn from the very real history of the Mercer Family.

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​​Blue Sky World tells of the adventures of four friends from high school who vow to reunite every year, but fail.  Only the most revered Southern Ritual, a funeral, brings them back together.

The Education of Joe Willy is a spine-tingling epistolary novel  of infatuation and terror when a college student becomes obsessed with his on-line advisor.  

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