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The News? 

Yes, friends and neighbors, I’m going to talk about the news again, but rather than discuss those news items I don’t consider newsworthy, I want to talk about the headlines and stories from whackjob websites, such as Yahoo.

Yahoo started out as a search engine, and the word YAHOO is an acronym for You Always Have Other Options.  Unfortunately, as with all things in the world today, things have gotten out of hand at Yahoo, and here are some blazing examples.

For instance, Yahoo considers it news that the State of Maine has become the first state to outlaw the use of Native American ‘mascots’ in all public schools, including colleges and universities.  I’m not sure, exactly, how this will benefit someone who’s a member of the Passamoquoddy Tribe or the Skowhegan Tribe, but apparently, it’s tied into their self esteem and identity as a people.

According to Google, there are only 3369 Passamoquoddies left in the world and, as for the Skowhegans, they’re gone.  The Passamoquoddies may rise up in rebellion but, for the Skohegans, their ship has sailed.  Looks to me like the Passamoquoddies should keep their mouths shut, run their casinos, and let well enough alone.

Also big on Yahoo is a television show called “Game of Thrones.”  I’ve never seen a single episode and don’t intend to.  If only half of what’s been reported about GOT on Yahoo is true, I haven’t missed much.

Yahoo also thinks that Meghan McCain is the most embarrassing child of a politician.  I would have thought Bristol Palin had the lifetime achievement award for that particular category, but not so.  Just for giggles, I used Google to look for images of Amy Carter today and thankfully she turned out a lot better than I had expected.

Yahoo is also reporting that Saudi Arabia will not defend itself.  This is not news.  The Saudis are too lazy to do any real fighting, otherwise there’d have been a revolution or a civil war or something in the last couple of thousand years, but no. 

Yahoo also has a video of a New Jersey police officer punching a teenager in the face during an arrest.  I actually watched the video, but there was no information about why the police were arresting this young man or why he was resisting arrest.

Here’s a clue, if you’re being arrested and you resist, don’t be surprised when the police knock you down and subdue you.  If they feel the need to punch you in the face, ask yourself why you weren’t home in bed where you belonged.

Yahoo is quoting Bernie Sanders as saying that “Beating Trump is not good enough.”  Uh, Bernie, first you have a field of 20+ socialists you’ve got to beat before you can set your sights on President Trump.  Just, FYI.

That’s pretty much it.  I skipped over the eighteen (18) stories about various GOT actors and fans reactions and other make-believe stuff.  I also skipped over the ‘new rule’ in Vienna, Georgia that has drivers reeling.  I ignored most stories on Democrat politicians (except for Bernie, of course) and the fact that Pete Buttigieg wants to eliminate Thomas Jefferson’s name from the history books.

What a moron.  Next week, how to locate real news using a Ouija Board and a Fox News bookmark on your web browser.

My Daddy used to say "Son, don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see."  That applies to the news, too.  I know this looks a lot like last week's piece, but it's not.

I hope  you enjoy.