This is Tucker, a twelve year old gelding that I have had since he was six months old.  He's the only horse I've ever owned that is not, and never will be, for sale.

I'm not always nostalgic for the good old days, but it does bother me a great deal that an entire generation is going to look back on our current situation and think of them as 'the good old days.'

I hope  you enjoy.  

When I first set up this website, I was writing a humor column for the local fish wrapper, the Cordele Dispatch.  I got tired of other, more 'pertinent' events pre-empting my column space, and decided that a web page was the best outlet.

My daughters tried, unsuccessfully, to convince me to write a blog instead.  I liked the newspaper format, which required between 600 and 700 words and brought with it a deadline for each week's publication.

Soon my column on Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness began to appear in other local papers in South Georgia and on a few online editions as well.

However, in 2017, I was diagnosed with colon cancer and in the course of multiple surgeries and months (36 in all) of chemotherapy, my weekly musings on the pursuit of happiness had to fall by the wayside.

As an update on that, currently my cancer is ''in remission,' in the words of my oncologist.  At some future point in time, I may have to re-enter chemotherapy, but the options of which medicine I will be given are so many that they literally boggle the mind.  I leave all that in the hands of the doctors.

Now the website exists just to let me show off a few horses and sell my books.  I hope you enjoy.