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As most of my regular readers know, I like to peruse the headlines (without reading the stories themselves) and draw my own conclusions based on what the news website editors chose to ‘lead’ in to a news article.

So, without further ado and directly from the Fox News Website on July 15, 2019, here we go.

“Sanders Backs Progressive Democrats in Fight with Pelosi.”  Well, this is to be expected, even though Speaker Pelosi isn’t running for President.  Democrats don’t get along with anybody, not even themselves.  Just last week they were playing the race card on one another.

“John Hickenlooper says the Democratic Party is a Big Tent.”  I’ll go along with that.  The Democratic Party is a circus tent, complete with clowns, dancing seals, bad concessions, and nowhere to put your feet.

“Pastor John Hagee fears America is Slipping into Secularism.”  I probably should check to see if Fox News ripped this headline off from the National Enquirer and whether or not Pastor Hagee has been abducted by aliens.  America has been losing its religion for the last several decades, so somebody should tell Pastor Hagee.

“Founder of African American history museum found dead in trunk.”  I’m guessing foul play was involved.  Very few people lock themselves in a trunk and then commit suicide.

“Dem reveals that he and his wife are descendants of slave owners.”  This is not a shocker, considering that the Republican Party was formed to curb the advance of slavery in the United States, even abolish it, if necessary.

However, the headline, at least, speaks to the national narrative that every white person in America comes from a family that owned slaves and that every African American person in America is the descendent of slaves.

That’s not true, but I suppose this guy has to rally votes wherever he can.

“Tropical Storm Barry ruins man’s Alabama vacation, sinks Dodge Charger into the sand.”  I don’t know who this guy is, but he should receive the Idiot of the Week Award, with swords and diamonds.  I used to think nobody ever went to the beach without checking the weather, but apparently not.  I would, however, like to see a transcript of his telephone conversation with his insurance agent.

“Kellyanne Conway points to ‘Deporter in Chief’ Obama in defense of ICE raids.”  Apparently it turns out that President Trump runs a slow second to being a racist jerk when compared to President Obama’s deportation level.

“Sweden should treat A$AP Rocky with respect,” according to the U.S. State Department.  I get the fact that A$AP Rocky is a stage name, but I’m in favor of cutting the Swedes a little slack here.

That’s about it for today.  Believe it or not, I left out the sensationalist headlines, those that dealt with the home in Florida infested with land crabs, the giant snake that swallowed a crocodile, the pop singer who defended her ill mannered children by saying “These kids are Jewish,” and the teenagers who got 600 miles into a fishing road trip before getting caught.

That was in Australia, by the way.

So, next week, how to separate the online wheat from the chaff by using a Ouija Board, some common sense, and a search engine filter.  Y’all have fun.

My critics don't like it when I look through the headlines for a few giggles.  You may not have noticed, but I don't care what my critics think.

I hope  you enjoy.