Clay Mercer on the web...

This is not a political website.  I don't promote any particular philosophy.  I'm just here to sell books.  

In the past I've received a number of harassing emails, especially when I was writing opinion newspaper columns.  I don't do that anymore.  So, feel free to contact me, but before you send me an email, understand that, because of past harassment and even physical threats made against me, each email to me is time stamped.  What I do is forward that email, along with other information, to GoDaddy, and their IT gurus can track it back to the street address where it originated.  For example, one address that pops up frequently is Highway 27 West, Vienna, Georgia.  It is a sad state of affairs that a) some people have so much time on their hands, and b) it's necessary for me to have taken these steps.

On the other hand, I welcome interaction with my readers and if you would like to discuss one of my books or some of my characters, I'll always have time for that.  Thank you.

Clay Mercer

Pinehurst, GA